The Legend of Shorty

Last year I had the oportunity thanks to Painting Practice to work on "Drug Lord : The Legend of Shorty" (directed by Simon Chinn), a feature documentary about the cartel kingpin "El Chapo", in Mexico.

We were in charge of the title sequence, which is a mix between live action, 3D set, and VFX.

The idea was to recreate the "Cocaïne Alley", a tunnel by which Chapo managed to traffic millions upon millions of dollars worth of cocaine and marijuana out of Mexico.

I've been fortunate to be involved in different steps of the production as I did some props modeling on the CG set of the tunnel, I had the chance to assist the Art Direction team on the shooting of the live action part, and I also been involve in the compositing step.

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show my work. But you can find below a very interesting case study made by Painting Practice to explain the whole process of creation :

Also, you can enjoy here the final result of the title sequence :

Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty - Title Sequence from Painting Practice on Vimeo.

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